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INFO: Arrowat Workforce before named TimeApp on the Microsoft Store is the same app, all users before version 6.0 were using Arrowat Workforce as TimeApp name. We renamed TimeApp to Arrowat Workforce on 10-23-2019and we will keep ahead with the new name.

Arrowat Workforce is an app that works on any Windows 10 device, Arrowat Workforce works by using a local database that is created by the app when first time is installed, the local database can be saved on any location on your device anytime you like, the database is only used by Arrowat Workforce app on the device is installed. the database you backup can be used on other device by importing it.

Arrowat Workforce Allows to save data information to local database, Arrowat Workforce does not share any information out from the app or database it means All data you save will remain protected.

Arrowat Workforce allows you to Backup database file and pictures you have taken from the app, If you backup the database and picture files you are responsible to maintain it secure and protected because the database can be saved in any location on your computer or mobile phone, you have to make sure the location you select is secure.
Arrowat Workforce requires access to picture library in order to save pictures you take from the app and access them.

We respect your privacy. If you have any question or any concern about this app please email me at

Written and reviewed by: Melvin Dev.

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