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Creating user accounts

When you start Arrowat Workforce for first time you will need to create the administrator account to use for first time, if you already created the user account the app will be initialize without asking for this user account.

Tap Login button


You will navigate to User account page.


Note:The first account that Arrowat Workforce ask to create is created as adminitrator account. You can't delete the account once it is created.

When you have created the administrator account some options will be visible to give access level to other user accounts you create.

  1. Account Description

    This can be the name of the user who will manage the app using this account.

  2. User Name

    The user name for the account, It does not accept sapces if you add a space it will be removed.

  3. Password

    The password for the account, you can change the password later if you want.

  4. Is Administrator?

    Check it if the account will be administrator. this account can restrict, disable others user accounts.

  5. Has Full Access?

    Check it if the account has full access, if you decide to give full access to this account, it can do what administrators do but cannot perform restricted areas like Add user account, Backup database, this areas are acessed using administrator accounts only.

  6. Is Disabled?

    Check it to restrict access to the account, the user who uses this account won't be able to log in.

Creating the first User Account

We are going to create the first user account. All I show you here are examples, I suggest you to add your own information.

  1. Tap Add New button
  2. Add Account Description
  3. add User Name
  4. Add Password
  5. Tap Save button

After you save the user account you will be able to create other user accounts with restricted levels


If the user account you have created is the first user account that Arrowat Workforce Ask, then from the Action Center tap log out or you can continue adding more user accounts.
If you log out, you can use the user account you just created.

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